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Reid Finlayson is a good-natured man whose strong, quiet personality fits into the scheme of nature. Wherever he goes in the woods he seems to belong, whether selecting trees from which to fashion his unique homes or simply becoming one with the ambience of summer. He's a native of British Columbia who, like other sons of this rugged province, began his career as a logger. It was in Prince George in the early part of the nineteen seventies that he studied the ancient and respected Norwegian craft of log building construction and became an independent artisan.
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His solidity of construction, artfulness in detail and imaginative use of wood soon built a firm reputation and each of his homes carry the  distinctive Finlayson hall-marks: the cleanly peeled logs that haven't been so planed and sanded that their character has been lost; the way each settles into the land and becomes part of it and lastly the way each retains a sense of light and air and freedom.

Although Reid employs as many as a dozen men, each trained by him to specialize in a particular aspect, there is never any doubt that his has been the guiding mind behind the construction of every one of his homes. Finlayson Log Homes has built over 300 units since 1973, all the way from a small fishing log cabin of only 375 square feet, a complex and ornate multi-level mansion of 5,500 square feet, up to the largest, a ski lodge of over 10,000 square feet.

Many of his buildings are fitted out with unique and artful hand hewn railings, decks and furniture which complement the rustic dignity of these solid homes. They are further set off by the natural light in all the rooms, which is accomplished by the incorporation of large wood framed windows and the inherent brightness of the natural log color.

For anyone interested in Reids' background, his pioneer family and other information on the area that he lives and works in, visit our Roots page. This page is still under construction but it may be of interest to you.

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