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Nothing is more important to a  business, large or small, than customer satisfaction with a job well done. The best advertising for any company or tradesman are people that are so satisfied with their purchase or service that they make themselves available to discuss their experience with others.

We are pleased that a  group of log home and log cabin owners have volunteered to discuss their relationship with Finlayson Log Homes. Some of them are listed below.


Mr. & Mrs. Steve Reese
Kelowna, B.C.
Tel: 250-769-362
Mr. & Mrs. Jake Warkentin
Kelowna, B.C.
Tel: 250-764-7230
Mr. & Mrs. D Tracey
Westbank, B.C.
Tel: 250-768-4464
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Jensen
Richmond, B.C.
Tel: 604-278-6588
Mr. & Mrs. Brad Bennett
Kelowna, B.C.
Tel: 250-765-3819
Harry Lenarduzzi
Kelowna, B.C.
Tel: 1-800-343-6323 weekdays



Steve Richardson
Florissant, Colorado
Tel: 719-264-1904
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Goozen
Eagle River, Alaska
Tel: 907-696-1512
Mr. & Mrs. O Saavedra
Glenallen, Alaska
Tel: 907-822-3626
Steve & Lisa Markowitz
High Bridge NJ
Tel: 908-268-6045 
Mrs. Steve Provant
Valdez, Alaska
Tel: 907-835-5904
Griz Smith
Wasila, Alaska
Tel: 907-892-7700
Mr. & Mrs. Stan Hiller
Elbe, Washington
Tel: 206-492-3030
Mr. & Mrs. Dave Lewis
Lakebay, Washington
Tel: 206-884-5898
Chuck Casperson
Eatonville, Washington
Tel: 360-832-8574 
Mr. & Mrs. Ron Chitwood
Benton City, Washington
Tel: 509-588-5556
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Brand
Ashford, Washington
Tel: 206-569-2754
Mr. & Mrs. J Fritz
Chugiak, Alaska
Tel: 907-688-1088
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry White
Mead, Washington
Tel: 509-467-2344
Mr. & Mrs. Dexter Farley
Spokane, Washington
Tel: 509-291-4233
Mr. & Mrs. Dave Cloudy
Ketchikan, Alaska
Tel: 907-225-2469
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Robert
Lebanon, Oregon
Tel: 503-258-5032
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Newsome
Monroe, Washington
Tel: 360-805-6638
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Masters
Eatonville, Washington
Tel: 360-569-2065