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Our Construction Methods

In earlier times people built with logs for one reason - it was the only material readily available. Windows were often at a shortage in the buildings, as were many other of the finer finishings'. Through this though, two qualities shone through; the buildings could be made warm and cozy and they possessed a durability that is still evident today.
Using traditional methods coupled with modern tools, we build a log home that only hints at the past. A log building can now be built to any size or shape. Window placement can match any modern home. Every convenience imaginable can be built into the home if so desired. The hand peeled logs are smooth to touch, easy to keep clean and make the interior glow with light.
In most circumstances, the log home is built "off site", This allows us the greatest efficiency in building. Once the shell is completed, it is dismantled, trucked to your site and then reassembled.  You benefit by having no site damage to your property as the reassembly is carried out by a crane. Your log home can be completed by us to any stage after the log shell is complete.
When considering a log home, consider us for quality: handcrafting that is unmatched.


Many conventional home plans are adaptable to log home construction. We have a design service and can create a plan to suit your needs. A stock of plans is also available.



Pine and spruce logs are readily available. On special orders, fir or cedar can be used. All our logs are picked for straightness. Logs of any diameter can be chosen to suit your personal taste. We have used logs with 12" butt diameters right up to logs that are 24" on the butt. The logs possess inherent insulating qualities that will satisfy all building standards. Only full length logs are used, eliminating in-wall splices.



We use the Norwegian notch which was developed in Norway several hundred years ago. It is felt that this notch has better settling characteristics than the more standard round notch. Of course, we also scribe and cut a "V" channel out of the bottom of each log so that it will precisely fit to the log below it. The channel is then insulated with fiberglass insulation. This provides a weathertight seal. Very careful attention is given to the fitting of the logs to assure an appreciation for the workmanship, for years to come.



Although we have little to do with the wiring installation (that is done by a qualified electrician ), we do drill all of the necessary passageways to  route the wires through the logwork. At each wall plug and switch we cut a flat face on the log and cut in so that the electrical box can be set flush with that flat face. Special consideration should be given to this feature for not all builders supply this.



We deal with a manufacturer who supplies doors and windows made of the best clear cedar available. The windows come complete with all hardware, screens and trim. Our manufacturer was chosen because they make a window specifically for a log house and they provide service that cannot be beat.
We install the windows and doors to ensure a proper seal and ample allowance for the settling of the logs.



In many log homes it is the detailing that brings the building to life. Nothing sets off a living room like a log staircase leading to the upstairs, or to a balcony surrounded by log pickets. We can custom build any design of railing or staircase utilizing logs. This includes interior or exterior applications.


Most of the homes or buildings we do are "custom made" to the owners plans, whether they are full plans they may already have chosen, or a rough plan that they have drawn up. We get together with them and help iron out any problems they may have with it. When they are happy with the design, we draw up the final working plans and go ahead with the building.

Our logwork is done with the full scribe method, with no chinking needed. The groove that is cut to fit the logs together is filled with fiberglass wool batts of insulation, cut into strips. The "Norwegian" style corner is also filled with insulation.

When the house is delivered and set up, it is ready for the roof. Either the top logs are cut flat for a truss roof or it has log purlins and ridgepole ready for a vaulted ceiling or an upstairs floor. All doors and windows are pre- cut at our building site and sanded ready for installation.

We can supply all cedar doors and windows, double glazed and complete with all trim and screens

We have an experienced draftsman who can assist you in the planning and layout of your log house. Plans can be adjusted to suit your own particular lot or acreage.   If requested, I will travel to the site to watch the owner erect the home to make sure all the pieces are re-assembled correctly.

I would be pleased to answer any questions you might have and welcome any calls or letters. My address and phone/fax numbers are on the Home page or I can be reached via email at

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